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Meet Stacy

This idea came to me years ago and I dragged my feet thinking “who is really going to pay you to shop and run errands Stacy? Get real girl!!” 

The thought NEVER left my mind. In fact, as the years passed (yes, YEARS) the desire to start this business became increasingly important to me.

I would hear friends and family say how much they hated going shopping. Slowly everyone graduated to doing things online. Again, who’s gonna call me to do this for them?  But the more I though  about it, the more I prayed about it, I knew it was time to step out on Faith because SOMEONE will call. They will call because they know me & trust me!  

Why go online to a faceless stranger behind a keyboard to handle something as important as picking out food for your family? Will they take the time to pick the perfect vegetables? Will they read all the pharmacy labels to ensure your're getting he correct medications?Will they take the time to notify you of  any discrepancies in your request or just overlook them?

Allow me to help you by showing  you the Caterd 4 you difference!  Contact us and let us prove that hiring  a personal concierge is the best decision you’ve made in a long time.


You deserve some free time!!

Hand over your lists and let us do the work for you

Whether standing in line at the grocery store or picking up prescriptions and dry cleaning, our services are available to handle all of your concierge requests.

Everyone Wins

Your business is taken care of in a professional & timely manner. Leaving  you available to devote your attention to more important matters.

Catering to you is our primary goal.


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Catered 4 You Concierge Service



Current appointment days/times are subject to change based on client needs. Please contact me for more information. I look forward to providing all of your personal concierge needs.